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The first passengers took off from the airport Gazipaşa   (18.06.2010)

When in the interest of passenger aircraft will be the subject of the Gazipasa Airport and the plane in the morning, taking two passengers were moved to Lebanon. Construction in 1991 and started in the last decade the debate because the passenger plane when down to the interest are the subject of Gazipaşa Airport 3 C category, formally accepted the flight for the start of the necessary note of the publication or within 10 days to be announced. While waiting in Gazipaşa excited, operate Gazipaşa TAV Investment Construction and Operation Inc. the company has done to the airport, during the hours of 09:30 aired from Beirut, Lebanon, the N-type SA 510 was landing a plane. Gazipaşa at the airport by customs and passport procedures performed Haıdar Hassan, called the war Ayas passenger planes, re-aired at 9:55 in order to come to the direction of Beirut in Lebanon was moving smoothly. According to information obtained in Turkey by private yacht for some time to come, and the passengers stay in Alanya Yacht Harbour Haıdar'ın Hassan today along with a group of 20 persons were re-learn to download Gazipasa Airport.