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Bora Jet Ceylan landed Gazipaşa Airport.

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Gazipasa construction of Antalya in 1991 and started in business two years ago, the firm TAV, the discussion will be opened the first passenger flight testing Gazipasa Airport and went for training purposes. Bora Jet Airways officials,  ATR 72-500 66 personality type 'Ceylan' landing his plane at the airport during Gazipaşa said it is not a problem.

In the sky during the hours from 13:15 Gazipaşa first passenger aircraft 'Ceylan', has created great excitement in the county. Approximately one hour flying over the airport runway, and which also pass through trials 'Ceylan' his airplane landed at 14:15 while. Jet Airways Flight Operations after landing Bora Tuncay Akbir President, General Manager of Flight Safety Vice President Ali Ercan Peker and Ozbilgin, answered journalists' questions.

Akbir, Bora Jet's Gazipaşa from Istanbul, Ankara and Nevsehir to make time to prepare, noting that the first landing place of the smooth, Gazipasa Airport did not come across any problems once noted for.

Bora Jet Airways Vice President Ali Peker Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport and the rise of the aircraft to indicate that Bora Jet flight testing and training of the seven pilots had joined the captain said. Peker, said:

'When we reach heaven Gazipaşa training approach and pass through we did. Pass any one time captain of the pilot made the application. We have seen on the discovery occurred. Our objective for this flight to the airport where we Gazipaşa course the reality overlap, the overlap was not seen. Altitude, including analysis, did not actually see a deviation. Gazipaşa for Airport operations to not delay the training we did for the aircraft. "

After flight testing and training would prepare the report submitted to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and will be ready to fly Peker stating, 'Gazipasa Airport flights could begin once permission is received. Can start no later than five days after the flight said.

Gazipaşa flights from the airport to be acceptable risks that have the same risk as other airports indicating their nearly Peker, Bora Jet plane to land in Gazipaşa stressed that any obstacle.

Peker, Gazipaşa to receive requests for flights from Istanbul and Ankara, as stated, if the request came from Gazipasa Cyprus, Syria and Egypt also could fly, they can also do special flights said.