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Property-tax payers Good news!   (29.07.2011)

Ministry of Finance , the property tax statement, the taxpayer lerden,''copy of title deed, copy of identity card, proof of tax identification number, electricity and water subscriber certificate, certificate of occupancy permit, the document requested would not be a square ruler or other municipalities warned about''.

. Municipalities, property-tax transactions taxpayer s confirmation of the issues reported by, the taxpayer requesting the document lerden, related institutions and agencies to do.

. Ministry of Finance ,''real estate tax during the taxpayer lerden requested documents other than property-tax notices, the building tax rate of discount for the disabled (zero) of the original delivery of the difficulties experienced in implementing the health committee's report, also requested a medical board reports back every year, discount rate of tax some doubt that the ministry referred to the events that occurred in''on,''published in the Official Gazette today's issue of Real Estate Tax Law, Public Communication''helped to explain the practice.

Council of Ministers,''he has nobody to dependents under 18, except those who can certify that no income, income from social security institutions established by law, exclusively composed of those in their months of age, veterans, the disabled, widows and the orphans of martyrs of gross 200 square meters within the borders of Turkey not be the only home available to him (including state to have the right to usufruct), if the dwelling is reminded of the tax rates to zero,''the official papers to download, this provision, these people share a single dwelling and also on the part of the shares if they have applied, but dwellings used for certain about the rest of the applied noted. 

Council of Ministers, the disabled, within the borders of Turkey in order to rest at certain times of gross 200 square meters, not excluding those used only a single residential dwelling, or if they have shares (including the right of easement to be owned state) tax rate for 2006 is the building of this dwelling to zero (0 ) revealed, for 2007 and subsequent years to apply this rate stated in the communiqué described, with the requirements of disabled people, to benefit from reduced tax rate, property tax statement added the photocopy of the ID cards to people emphasized that enough. 

Accordingly, people with disabilities building tax discount rate (zero) in this state to benefit from the application of a full-fledged certifications from state hospital with the medical board report is required.

However, taxpayers have ID cards to people with disabilities will be submitted to the official municipal identification cards and "with a single home (including having the right to usufruct) Ait Reduced Disability Tax Form''with Annex Building will add a copy of ID cards to people. This is also a fully fledged state taxpayers not be required from state hospital medical board report.